International symposium of the Turkic world


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Al Farabi Kazakh National University and the Ataturk “Culture, language and history” scientific research centre is organising an international symposium on “Political, economic and cultural developments in the Turkic world. From the beginning of the 20th century to the present day” in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The end of the 19th century was a period of the world history where important events took place. The beginning of the 20th century was a war and post-war period, which made changes in the political developmentsfor most of the countries, as well as economic, cultural transformations lead to the new ways of development.

The aim of the symposium is discussion and analysis of the results of historical, cultural, economic, political and military changes of the Turkic-Muslim world, as well as their impact to the different parts of the world.

The works submitted to the symposium should not be published in other publications such as books, thesis and suppositions.

The topics and work directions of the symposium:

19th century

The Russian factor in the Turkic world (spread of the Russian language and its impact to the Turkic world)

Modern conflicts and traditions of the Turkic world (education, society and politics)

The formation of political, economic and cultural changes

20th century

The architectural, urban and ecological problems of the USSR

The impact of the constitutional revolution of Ottoman country and Russia

The impact of the fall of the Ottoman Empire

The impact and results of the 1917 Russian revolution

Movement of the people, economic life, political thinking and the culture (religion, language, alphabet, …)

1918 and the Independence movement

World War and its influence

Regional situation during the USSR (influence of the Soviet experiences to the Turkic society: starvation, repression and art)

Relationship of the Republic of Turkey

The development after the Soviets

Independent countries and the Constitution

Regional integration, collaboration and fall

The politics of Great Powers to Turkistan / International relations

The socio-political, economic and cultural relationships of Turkic countries with the Republic of Turkey