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Dear colleagues!
We invite you to the 4th International scientific-methodical conference "Topical issues of philology and methods of teaching foreign languages:
theory and practice" Department of General Linguistics and European Languages of Al-Farabi KazNU,in cooperation with Taraz Innovative Humanitarian University, Suleyman Demirel University and Queen’s University on 26.01.2018 invites you to take part in the 4th International scientific-methodical conference “Topical issues of philology and methods of teaching foreign languages: theory and practice” devoted to the 35th anniversary of the scientific and pedagogical activity of the Doctor of Philology, Professor G.B. Madiyeva.

University professors, school teachers and young scientists are invited to participate in the conference. The issues in the following areas are planned to be discussed at the conference: 1. Methods of teaching foreign languages in secondary and higher schools. 2. Problems of teaching philological disciplines in higher school. 3. Topical problems of intercultural communication and translation studies.
The round table on the topic
is planned within a framework of conference
Conditions of participation in the conference
To participate in the conference it is necessary to send the application and the text of the article in electronic form before January 5, 2018. The reports are accepted in Kazakh, Russian, and English. The text of the article must comply with the following technical requirements: volume from 2 to 5 pages; program – Word 1997-2003, 2007, font – Times New Roman, size – 12, format – A4; fields on all sides 2 cm; alignment by width, indention 1 cm, interval between lines – single. Send an article
to the address: with the topic (for example: Akhmetov A. Innovative technologies in
The article must include (see Sample):
Name (font – semi-bold);
Annotation (in English – 200 words);
Keywords (font – semi-bold, size – 12, keywords are in italics);
The main text of the article;
References (font – 12 size);
The abstract is a summary of the content of scientific work, giving a general idea of its theme
and structure.
Keywords should provide the most complete disclosure of the content of the article. For each
specific material, specify 2-3 key words in order of importance, i.e. the most important keyword of
the article should be the first in the list.
Following the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of conference materials, it will
include reports selected by the decision of the organizing committee.
Registration fee
To compensate for organizational and publishing costs, a registration fee is charged. The
registration fee is 4000 tenge and it includes: participation in the conference, obtaining a participant’s
folder with a certificate, the collection of materials, and a coffee break. The collection of materials is
presented personally at the conference; to the authoring team – one copy of the collection for each
published article.
The registration fee must be sent to the card or personally to the member of the organizing
committee. Requisites: Kazkommertsbank, card number: 5578 3427 2376 3261 Dauletbek Dana
Dauletbekkyzy. The scanned receipt should be sent to e-mail: indicating the topic
(for example: Akhmetov A. receipt for payment).
The conference will be held on January 26, 2018 at 10.00 in the scientific library named after al-
Our address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040, Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue, 71, Al-Farabi KazNU,
Faculty of Philology and World Languages, Room 305, 317, Department of General Linguistics and
European Languages.
Contact phone: +7 (727) 3773339 (ext. 1270, 1329);
87073008787 Aliakbarova Aigerim
87072758833 Utemgaliyeva Nassikhat
Technical Secretary: Aliakbarova Aigerim e-mail:
Information about the participant
Full name____________________________________________________________
Place of work (study) ___________________________________________________
Position (for postgraduates, doctoral students - year of study) ___________________
Degree, title __________________________________________________________
Title of report _________________________________________________________
Number and name of the direction in accordance with the theme of the conference
Contact phone numbers _________________________________________________
E-mail ______________________________________________________________
of article (thesis) layout
G. K. Karimova candidate of philological Sciences.N.,
associate Professor of the Department of General linguistics and
European languages Kazakh national University. al-Farabi
Almaty, Kazakhstan The article looks at specifics and characteristics of using English and Russian phraseological units in business comunication.
Historically English performs the function of the international communication language, some kind of "lingua franca" of the world community in the era of globalization. The statistics shows that more than 500 million people in the world have a certain level of proficiency in English. For the residents of the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Malta and some other states English is the native language, while in 52 countries with high rates of economic growth (South Africa, India etc.) English is considered to be an official language and, beyond doubt, it is the most widespread foreign language for communication around the world. Key words: business communication, phraseological units, phrases, English performs, official language
Text Text Text
1. Шелихова С.В. Функционирование метафоры в бизнес-дискурсе – Иркутск: ИГЛУ, 2010. – С.15.
2. Crystal D. Global Understanding for Global English// Summaries of the International Conference. Moscow, 2001. – С. 3;
3. Ortony, A. Why metaphors are necessary and not just nice – Educational Theory, 2005, Vol. 25. – С.45–53