The 18 World Korean Forum


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The 18 World Korean Forum "Peaceful coexistence, exchange and cooperation in a world multi-ethnic and multicultural era" will be held in Al-Farabi Scientific Library of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University on August 2-3, 2017. The Forum is organized by the Global Korean Foundation in collaboration with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with the support of the Association of Koreans of Kazakhstan and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Almaty.

The World Korean Foundation (WKF) held 17 annual forums at the world's largest universities in the metropolises of Europe, Asia, North America and Australia: Hanoi in 2016 (17th), London & Paris (2015, 16th), Ulaanbaatar (2014, 15th), Vancouver (2013, 14th), Manila (2012, 13th), Sydney (2011, 12th), Brussels (2010, 11th), Seoul (2009, 10th), Tokyo (2008, 9th), Beijing (2007, 8th), Moscow & St. Petersburg (2006, 7th), Geneva (UN headquarters, 2005, 6th), Washington DC (2004, 5th), Berlin (2003, 4th), Los Angeles (2002, 3rd), Hiroshima (2001, 2nd) and New York (2000, 1st).

 More than 150 politicians, scientists, businessmen, journalists, heads of public organizations from 12 countries will take part in the 18th Global Korean Forum (GKF).

The Forum will be held in the framework of following sessions:

1. The Korean Peninsula and the World

2. The Division and Hostilities Era of the Korean peninsula

3. Asia in the Multi-Polar Era

4. Build Peace Treaty for the Korean Peninsula

5. Diaspora Society in Central Asia

6. 80-year Recall of Forced Migration of Koreans


Approximately 80 speakers and debaters will take part in the sections. 80 participants of the Memory Train will join the work of the Forum, which will leave on July, 23 from Vladivostok and arrive on August, 1 at the railway station of Ushtobe, where more than ten thousand deported Koreans landed 80 years ago. At the memorial complex, located at the hill of Bastobe near Ushtobe, the delegation will pay tribute to the deported Koreans and express gratitude to the Kazakh people for the hospitality and will arrive by buses in Almaty. Other participants will arrive by airplanes from different countries.

Meetings with the Korean society, performance of the actors of the Korean theater, interviews with the mass media from different countries are planned in the framework of the Forum.